The UK’s “new economic model” – deferred or dumped?


Courtesy of Prime Economics:

The UK economy has – in terms of GDP – performed somewhat better in 2013 than almost all analysts expected. That includes us in PRIME. But the “growth” – which looks like being around 1.75% year on year – is nothing like as large or as entrenched for the future as many commentators want to persuade us. It comes after a year (2012) of utterly dismal economic performance, due largely to the austerity policy of the government, in which real GDP per head of population fell again, with GDP rising by just 0.25%.

But here we go again. Chancellor George Osborne tells us – 16 months ahead of the next General Election – that we must cut public spending by a further £25 billion after the election. Whatever the state of the economy. The problem, he claims, is public spending. Yet the austerity policies pursued…

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My wish for 2014

Do you know I’m not a nasty person I have spent my life helping others I got injured on duty with the Police. Everything was going along very well until IDS Ian Duncan Smith and ATOS came along.
I had an assessment then had to go to appeal which I won do you think I can get any help? Like hell I can. The Tory party used to be the party that would look after us ex serving people not any more they just want to help the Bankers you know the people that caused all the financial problems.

Well I have a wish for 2014 and that is that IDS is put out of a job, and now I get nasty I’d love to see him end up disabled and have to go through the daily struggle a lot of disabled have to go through.We can punish the Tory party twice in the coming years we have the EU elections in 2014 and we have a General election in 2015 if like me you want an end to the suffering of the sick and disabled you must vote against them.
Rant over I wish you all a vey happy and pain free New Year.


Chris Grayling: The So-Called Justice Secretary Who Wants To Be Above The Law

This man like IDS must be stopped, what gives him the right to change the law because the Tories don’t like people asking questions

the void

bungling-chris-graylingThe Chris Grayling comedy show had tragic consequences as he ran rampant at the DWP so it is no surprise that he has exported his unique brand of dishonest chaos to the Justice Department.

Grayling wants to tear up the rule book on Judicial Reviews – the means by which people can challenge the lawfulness of decisions made by public bodies.  This is based on his obsession with ‘left wing’ campaigners who he says are abusing justice by holding the government accountable to the same laws as the rest of us.

Along with being a compulsive liar, Chris Grayling is notoriously paranoid.  Back when he was the bungling Employment Minister he bizarrely accused the Socialist Worker Party (SWP), a minor and decaying Trotskyite sect, of hacking his email account.  Grayling sees reds under the bed everywhere and claimed the public’s disgust towards workfare – which saw thousands of…

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Call for IDS to be sacked

@DoleQueueUnite: We & the TUC call for Iain Duncan Smith to be SACKED! petition – The…
Anyone this incompetent in any other job would have been sacked long ago. This man has no respect for the sick or disabled. It’s high time he went and he should be held accountable for the suffering he has caused.


Billions To Be Spent On Bullshit – The Sorry Tale Of Universal Credit

His does IDS keep getting away with it? I long for the day he is held accountable for his actions. I suppose it will never happen so the next best thing is that at some point he ends up disabled then we will see. In my opinion people like him can dish it but can’t take it. One day IDS you will be held accountable

the void

IDSEven a stopped clock is right twice a day so Iain Duncan Smith accusing Liam Byrne of being pathetic in Parliament yesterday should not be seen as a sign that the bungling Work and Pensions Secretary has finally developed some judgement.

IDS was being questioned yet again about Universal Credit, the ongoing farcical attempt to revolutionise the benefits system.  But what is perhaps most astonishing is that everyone from the insipid Labour Party to The Guardian is queuing up to say what a wonderful idea Universal Credit is in theory, if only it weren’t being introduced by such a fucking idiot.

Far too many on the so-called left have accepted the basic premises of Universal Credit, and are reduced to arguing over the IT or when it will finally be introduced.  The endless stream of propaganda about the broken benefits system has done its job and now this Government is…

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