ATOS and Assessments

One can only hope for a change in the system

Inside My Depressed Mind

So I’ve been fighting for my claim to be on ESA, after “failing” the capability assessment they said I was fit for work. Obviously I had to fight it as a disabled teenager is pretty much unemployable, and I felt rejected by the system for being born with pain.
After a few sessions at Citizens Advice Bureau, my case worker introduced me to ‘Benefits and Work: guides you can trust’ where we completed a self assessment for ESA. In capability assessments you need a minimum of 15 to pass. My self assessment showed that I had 102 points to my name. Now how can I get a 0? I encourage people to find the assessment online and print it out as it can be used as evidence in any ESA appeal tribunal.
ATOS are a bunch of pricks with power issues who believe themselves God. I have medical evidence for…

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