Disabled losing benefiits because GPs want money to write letters

I have found out that ATOS can ask for an ESA 113 to be filled out by the GP in my case they did not nor had they contacted my GP after DWP decided I was fit to work My GP did me a letter which I had to pay for. DWP still would not change their minds so I had to Appeal which I won. Had the ESA 113 been requested or contact with My GP it would of saved the cost of an appeal and not ut me through 7 month of hell.
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Benefit tales

Can I add to this, I have had 2 clients on Fightback today alone who are agrophobic, and are being forced to attend medicals, the only way that DWP will allow a home visit is if the client gets the GPs to FAX confirmation that they are housebound and should have a home visit medical assesment not be forced to go to a centre often far away alone. Both people have had their money stopped as they have cancelled 2 appointments due to their disability. The GPs concerned are REFUSING to send this simple fax until they receive a fee for doing this. Both clients would have to travel to the GP surgery to pay this fee in person. Both people have NO income whatsoever, and have no gas and electricity nor food. I am a volunteer CAB advisor, and now do detailed benefit appeals, DWP are sticking their heels…

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