The Coalition vs The Disabled

The sick and disabled are being used to pay for the mistakes of the bankers.



“A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members” – Pope John Paul II

If that is the case then the way that this country and this Coalition government means we should feel deeply ashamed right now. Despite the government’s claims that “we’re all in this together” it seems those most in need in society are being hit by the hardest. While millionaires are being granted a juicy tax break the disabled and carers of the disabled have come under a heavy and sustained attack. In an attempt to bring down the deficit the Coalition has cut £9 billion from Disability Living Allowance and cuts to local authorities which has seen funding for carers and services dramatically cut. In this entry I shall highlight some of the measures that have been passed and hopefully demonstrate the apparent contempt that this government has for those…

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