Help stop the cuts to care costs for sick and disabled.

I am 28 years old but this month George Osborne will make a decision that will affect the rest of my life — and the lives of 100,000 other disabled people.  

When I was two I was hit by a car and suffered a spinal brain injury which meant I’ve had to use an electric wheelchair since I was eleven. I haven’t let it affect me, I got a degree, I volunteer for two charities and I enjoy my life. But I’m only able to do all this because a carer visits my home everyday to help me get up and about. 

Out of the blue the council has told me my care is being cut from twenty hours a week to just three.I’ll no longer get help with the basics and I’m afraid I’ll become a prisoner in my own home.  

George Osborne can change this. This month the Chancellor will set the budgets for government departments for the next two years in the spending review. He has the opportunity to make sure the gap in the social care budget is filled. That’s why I’ve started a petition on calling on George Osborne fund social care services for disabled people.

Disability charities say that £1.2 billion is needed to plug the gap and make sure people like me get the social care we need for our everyday lives. It seems like a lot but they spent more than that just building the athletes village for the Olympics and Paralympics last year. 

If they take away my care it will mean going to bed at 9.30pm every night and I’ll have no help with basics like cooking and washing. I won’t even be able to go to the toilet in the night. I will lose my independence. 

It feels like disabled people are being constantly overlooked and bearing the brunt of the cuts. I don’t want George Osborne to overlook us this time. We have one month to convince the Chancellor to make sure social care for disabled people is funded.  

So please sign my petition here and tell Mr Osborne to fund social care for disabled people.


Thank you,




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