Sanctioned for attending a work interview,

How long will it take this coalition to realise they are hurting the people they want to vote for them. W can only hope for an election before 2015

Benefit tales

I will try get this out the best I can my husband was made redundant for the first time in his working career last march and I have worked up until 2009 when I was diagnosed with lupus pcos secondary antiphospholipid syndrome auto immune disease migraines and I suffer from anxiety panic attacks I went into hospital to have my child in August last year I ended up with having surgery to have him 4 weeks after I was back in hospital after having caught a staph infection a gut infection and cellulitis in my insides I ended up with a 5×5 inch hole on my stomach I’m in constant pain and on pain medication amongst other things daily my husband has been looking after our two kids and trying his hardest to seek work as well he managed to go for a interview which clashed with his sign on…

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