MP and peers bid for answers on ATOS PIP contrac

MP and peers bid for answers on Atos PIP contract


1 Sunday, June 23rd This article was posted by Katharine Russell in on 21st June 2013 Re-blogged from Can’t pay won’t pay.


A disabled MP and members of the House of Lords are set to question the government this week over the award of a £184 million disability assessment contract to the controversial contractor Atos Healthcare. Disability News Service revealed last week that Atos had broken a series of promises that helped it win the contract to assess disabled people across London and the south of England for the new personal independence payment (PIP). The failure by Atos to fulfil those pledges means that many disabled people will have much further to travel to their assessment centres.

The disabled Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Lloyd said he would be writing to the Conservative work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith “seeking clarification and also asking him what penalties the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) intend to use if it is proved that Atos have deliberately used incorrect data in their tender document”. He said: “I am extremely concerned by this information as it appears Atos may have won a substantial contract using false information. If this is the case then actions must be taken against them.”


Street Democracy writes: It would appear legislation is made by politicians to remove us away from ‘common law’ or ‘natural law’. The latter comes with moral codes of conduct the other favours commerce. So ATOS follows commerce it is no wonder there is no human compassion towards the disabled, the disadvantaged. These people are often in great pain and discomfort just to live each day. Not all, as some are able to become more body abled and may even become more fitter than the average person. However it is the discretion of the disabled to decide on their abilities and not some French IT company.



ATOS has some serious ethical issues to address and I am deeply shocked and saddened at how they treat the disabled in this day and age. It is almost as if we have gone back to Medieval times where the disabled were mocked beyond reason, but here we have a modern day company doing just that. When the disabled or long term sick complain at such harsh treatment, as is their right, their views are stifled, silenced and they become discarded broken people.

The ATOS tyranny and oppression is out in the open for all to see and this is gravely worrying. What is scary though is the human beings who work for ATOS showing no empathy. This is a deeply embedded human trait, and difficult for most to ignore. I don’t know how workers of ATOS day in and day out ruthlessly disassociate from compassion towards those who suffer, go home and sleep well at night.

This Tory Coalition ‘far right’ political party has done nothing but brought agonising misery to hundreds of thousands of disabled, long term sick and those with mental health problems. If democracy is up against elitism then it is the latter that is in the lead.


3 thoughts on “MP and peers bid for answers on ATOS PIP contrac

  1. It must also be said that the attitude of some of the DWP staff is as bad as ATOS. If you say to them you don’t like or agree with something they just say to you . You can appeal or the other response I’ve had is “we’re only a call centre”

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