Bedroom tax tenant told: ‘Sell your telly’

Just looking at the three of them makes me sick

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets! Published on 05/07/2013 08:00                    198933_170293186468983_2050141194_n

A TENANT in Kirkcaldy has claimed she was left in tears after “intimidating” council staff demanded she cough up bedroom tax arrears.  Mandy Fairgrieve (58), of Adamson Avenue has accrued a £340 bill since the tax came into force on April 1 – and was advised to sell her telly to meet the cost. She said: “I was phoned by a council officer who asked me was I aware of how much I owe in arrears and how did I intend to pay?  I found the call very intimidating. “I’m at my wits end because of the bedroom tax . I’ve been a council tenant for 40 years and have never owed them a penny in all that time.  I just broke down in tears after the call.” For more on this story click here on Fife Today…

Street Democracy writes: Council staff tells a…

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