More trouble for IDS: how claimants are unprepared for Universal Credit

It’s time for IDS to go he has caused to much suffering. Also time he was held accountable.

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets! George Eaton Published 08 July 2013 8:31


Iain Duncan Smith will be grilled by MPs on Wednesday about the progress (or lack of) in implementing Universal Credit and there’s further evidence today of why so many across Whitehall are troubled by the Work and Pensions Secretary’s grand projet.

Street Democracy writes: More trouble for IDS as claimants are unprepared for universal credit is putting it mildly. No one I know who is on benefits knows what is going to happen.  It isn’t being explained at all, just like the ‘Bedroom Tax’ and IDS doesn’t give a damn.

All they know is it is being paid in arrears, and they have to pay their rent as well, all in arrears. So housing benefit will be late, rent payments will be late, food bills and other bills will be paid late. The bank will charge for over draft facilities…

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