The Breath Taking Scale of the War on the Poor

Why should the sick and disabled pay for the mistakes of Cameron’s mates the bankers had a choice. The sick and disabled don’t

the void

atos-bannerEver since David Cameron declared ‘we are all in it together’ him and his band of millionaires have waged all out war on the poor.

It is true that austerity may mean the future is starting to look quite different for some of the aspirational middle classes.  But that is nothing compared to the quiet demolition of the lives of those at the bottom of society.  In one of the richest countries in the world many people are now left with just a few pounds a week to survive after essential bills are paid.

Occasionally an event finds it’s way into the newspapers – such as the tragic suicide of Stephanie Bottrill who took her own life due to fears about the bedroom tax. More often though this silent holocaust goes unnoticed, even by those who are just a month’s pay packet away from falling prey to the onslaught, whilst…

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