From: Kitty Jones’ Blog: Essential information for ESA claims, assessments and appeals

I think if they want to use a building for assessments it should be accessible to all otherwise they ar discriminating against people with mobility problems

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I found this article on the Atos disability assessment form on Kitty Jones’ blog. It’s an detailed critique of the deceptive nature of the Atos assement forms. She begins

There are three essential ideas to keep in mind when claiming Employment Support Allowance (ESA) because of the nature of the ESA50 form, and the fact that Atos are seeking to deny benefits, and NOT assess disability: this will not be a fair investigation of your health issues.

This information needs to be shared widely so people are made aware of them, and can use them when claiming ESA or appealing.

These very helpful ideas are:

• Reliably, repeatedly and safely

• Exceptional circumstances – Regulations 25 and 31, 29 and 35

• Atos assessments and pitfalls – how they try to deceive you

I know a number of disabled people, who genuinely cannot work because of their disabilities, who have…

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