Number of adults receiving care services falls by a quarter in five years

This shows how bad things will become. As we are constantly being told the population is ageing

Benefit tales

Reduction caused by falling resources, raising of elegibility criteria and increased provision of reablement services, official study finds

The total number of people receiving adult care services in 2012-13 fell to 1.3m, down nine per cent from last year and 25 per cent from 2007-08, according to the latestsocial services activity figures for England.


Social services departments have reduced those receiving services despite the fact that the volume of people coming through the door remains largely the same as previous years, the figures published this week by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) reveal.


The statistics show that of those receiving services, 1.1m received community-based services (a fall of 10 per cent from 2011-12), 209,000 received residential care (a fall of two per cent from 2011-12) and 87,000 received nursing care (which is less than a one per cent change from 2011-12).


According to the HSCIC, feedback from…

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