Horror at ‘bedroom tax’ suicide bid

It’s Hugh the this excuse of a man was taken out of office

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!



Street Democracy writes:

Staff who follow the harshest housing and benefit policies continue these procedures without considering the detrimental effect they are having on individuals and families.  The putrid ‘Bedroom Tax’ produces a silent punishment, a silent horror causing a legitimate indignant rage that social housing tenants feel.

This rage is endemic with complete erosion of trust, tolerance and reassurance as no one is listening that it is causing desperate situations from now desperate people. No political expression is tolerated, heard and definitely encouraged. Like any pressure pot, the lid has to blow.

People, innocent people, pushed to the edge is no joke. It is barbaric and why these members of staff refuse to see what they are administering to us, to the unemployed, to us social housing tenants.

Social housing tenants feel, wounded, gagged and bound. It isn’t fair. This housing policy isn’t fair. This moral squalor imposed upon…

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