Billions To Be Spent On Bullshit – The Sorry Tale Of Universal Credit

His does IDS keep getting away with it? I long for the day he is held accountable for his actions. I suppose it will never happen so the next best thing is that at some point he ends up disabled then we will see. In my opinion people like him can dish it but can’t take it. One day IDS you will be held accountable

the void

IDSEven a stopped clock is right twice a day so Iain Duncan Smith accusing Liam Byrne of being pathetic in Parliament yesterday should not be seen as a sign that the bungling Work and Pensions Secretary has finally developed some judgement.

IDS was being questioned yet again about Universal Credit, the ongoing farcical attempt to revolutionise the benefits system.  But what is perhaps most astonishing is that everyone from the insipid Labour Party to The Guardian is queuing up to say what a wonderful idea Universal Credit is in theory, if only it weren’t being introduced by such a fucking idiot.

Far too many on the so-called left have accepted the basic premises of Universal Credit, and are reduced to arguing over the IT or when it will finally be introduced.  The endless stream of propaganda about the broken benefits system has done its job and now this Government is…

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