Chris Grayling: The So-Called Justice Secretary Who Wants To Be Above The Law

This man like IDS must be stopped, what gives him the right to change the law because the Tories don’t like people asking questions

the void

bungling-chris-graylingThe Chris Grayling comedy show had tragic consequences as he ran rampant at the DWP so it is no surprise that he has exported his unique brand of dishonest chaos to the Justice Department.

Grayling wants to tear up the rule book on Judicial Reviews – the means by which people can challenge the lawfulness of decisions made by public bodies.  This is based on his obsession with ‘left wing’ campaigners who he says are abusing justice by holding the government accountable to the same laws as the rest of us.

Along with being a compulsive liar, Chris Grayling is notoriously paranoid.  Back when he was the bungling Employment Minister he bizarrely accused the Socialist Worker Party (SWP), a minor and decaying Trotskyite sect, of hacking his email account.  Grayling sees reds under the bed everywhere and claimed the public’s disgust towards workfare – which saw thousands of…

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