My wish for 2014

Do you know I’m not a nasty person I have spent my life helping others I got injured on duty with the Police. Everything was going along very well until IDS Ian Duncan Smith and ATOS came along.
I had an assessment then had to go to appeal which I won do you think I can get any help? Like hell I can. The Tory party used to be the party that would look after us ex serving people not any more they just want to help the Bankers you know the people that caused all the financial problems.

Well I have a wish for 2014 and that is that IDS is put out of a job, and now I get nasty I’d love to see him end up disabled and have to go through the daily struggle a lot of disabled have to go through.We can punish the Tory party twice in the coming years we have the EU elections in 2014 and we have a General election in 2015 if like me you want an end to the suffering of the sick and disabled you must vote against them.
Rant over I wish you all a vey happy and pain free New Year.


3 thoughts on “My wish for 2014

  1. I wish for the same thing. I just won my appeal (July ’13) and am up for an assessment again! This time, when I fail I don’t even get the assessment rate.
    I want IDS out, as well as the rest of the Tories, and ATOS replaced by DOCTORS, not people pretending to know anything.
    I wish you luck in 2014. May it be stress-free and a happy year.

    • Hi Evie,
      I know how you feel the system is unjust and unfair have a look at e UKIP disability policy if you have Twitter follow and have a chat with StarEtheridge. Star has been as big help to me

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